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There has been a continued interest in the motorcycle racing careers of the Ekins Brothers which began in 1949. Many stories have been written and told but not necessarily from the brothers and/or family members perspective. December 2010, the Catalina Grand Prix, a premier race from the 1950s, returned to Catalina Island. Dave Ekins was asked by the organizers to participate in this landmark event. There were parades, interviews and renewed friendships from years ago. Most importantly to our family was the show of mutual respect and welcoming handshakes between the older and younger generation of racers.Younger racers such as Johnny Campbell and Kendall Norman sat intently while Dave answered their questions of what racing was like “back in the day”.

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Commemorative edition of the original book

How To Ride and Win

Chuck Minert, Don Pink, John McLaughlin and Bud Ekins dominated their sport in the golden era of early motocross, enduros and cross country events. Enjoy reading this nostalgic collaboration of narratives and photos from the early 1950s through 1960s. In addition, we have added photos, Catalina Grand Prix race results, stories by Dave Ekins and two guest contributors, Roger DeCoster and Gunnar Lindstrom. A must have for any moto history enthusiast.