Big Bear Eurpoean Racing 6-Day Trials Baja Stunt Work Big Bear Early Honda 1st Baja 1000 6-Day Trials Baja Greenhorn Enduro
  • Dave & Bud- Baja 1966
  • Bud- After A Desert Race 1964
  • Dave- Sweden 1966
  • Dave- Catalina Win 1954
  • Bud- Desert Champion District 37
  • Baja by Triumph 1966- Group Start
  • Dave & Bud- 1964
    Bud & Dave- Acton TT 1953
  • Dave- Honda PR Photo 1960
  • Bud- Catalina 1953
  • Dave- La Paz Finish 1962

Welcome to Bud & Dave Ekins

What would inspire someone to ride a motorcycle where no one else has or board a ship bound for France to compete with men and machines from another country? Through this site we will revisit events from the legendary careers of two brothers who helped pioneer off- road racing.

Bud's career began with a 1934 VL Harley Davidson that he brought back to life in the family welding shop. Dave's career began with a Whizzer motorized bicycle. Bud and Dave grew up in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. They learned to ride dirt trails near Mulholland Drive all the way to the Pacific Coast.

In their prime Bud would often win the open class events and Dave would win the 250cc class in the very competitive Southern California Racing District #37. These events included Big Bear Hare n' Hounds, Catalina Grand Prix, TT Scrambles, Enduros and Moto Cross/Scrambles.